Saving Time and Money For Exercise

With the economy being the way it is currently, it is important that we save as much time and money as we can. When you have an active lifestyle it’s kind of hard. But here are three things that might help.

Do shorter, higher intensity workouts – Some of us do not have large or even medium blocks of time to commit to one long workout. One way around this is to fit in short, hard workouts throughout the day. For example, instead of doing a thirty minute workout, do two fifteen minute workouts. Some studies have shown that, in terms of aerobic exercise, you get the same cardiovascular benefit either way.

Run, walk, or bike around to do errands – You can get two things out of the way, saving time, and gas money, by going on foot to do things like grocery shopping, dropping off library books, or even going to work if conditions allow. You can buy a hydration back pack, which can hold a couple liters of fluid and other items such as food, books, and a laptop. If you prefer biking, you can mount a storage unit to the frame.

Register for athletic competitions early – Humans are procrastinators. So we bring it onto ourselves when we stress over last minute things. Save yourself the time and stress by registering for your races and other athletic events. You’ll be glad that you got it out of the way. One less thing to worry about. Plus, some event coordinators offer a discount for early registration. When you register, do it on the internet so you don’t have to wait in long lines.

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