How to Cultivate Creativity and Innovation

Have you ever wondered how you can have your creative juices flowing leading to innovation? This article shows how.

Here are a few pointers:

1) You play with colors

You take your paint board and brushes outdoors and choose to draw a landscape scenery some distance away. As you put colors in it to make it a reality, you hit on an idea that you can purchase a home on a landscape rich with greenery and fresh air – a very promising area to live in.

2) You write great fiction

You take your pen and settle down in the afternoon to plot a good fiction story. As you put a finishing touch to the novel after four months, you proofread and publish it and make it available in an online bookstore.

You see the reviews on your book and concentrate both on what the audience liked or disliked. Then you will know where and how to get better at writing. You may be a newbie writer, but after writing two or three books, you will know how to capture your audience and get them hooked on your books.

As you become a successful writer, you can quietly quit your day job and experiment with writing to earn your living in bright, prospective ways.

3) You make a great recipe from your cookbook

Try for a potato chop. You first boil an egg and cut it in half. Then boil six potatoes. Smash them, peeling off their covers. Flatten a thick layer of potato smash, shaping it as an oval, and put salt, pepper, halved boiled egg, and coriander leaves in it.

Then cover the top of the shapely chop with another thick potato layer. Then put beaten egg and bread crumbs all over it and fry it in warm oil in a frying pan. Do the same for the rest and have three chops ready. Video record your procedure and post it on YouTube and see how you fare.

If you get a good number of views, you will know you are successful. Look at the comments and interact. You will discover why they found your recipe interesting. Then you can go about posting similar recipes of your own on YouTube.

After you have been on demand for some time on YouTube and earned payments for your worthy contributions, monetize further your cooking recipes by writing a good cookbook and selling it in an online bookstore, and publicizing your work. Soon your creation will be in high demand for the entire audience out in the wide world. And you will be all smiles.

4) Sing and build music.

You get yourself admitted to a song/musical school and learn singing. Justify yourself if singing is your cup of tea. If it is, learn all A, B & C’s of singing and also learn to play a musical instrument. That way, practice singing, and building innovative music. Go slow.

Volunteer in the community events to sing and play. When you have done it for a good many times, you can go to good, high paying concerts and exhibit your talents. The whole nation will be stunned, and you reach out internationally as well. That is how you monetize your creativity.

Summing up, these are some of the ways you can tap on your creative sides, follow your passion, and look for innovations that will be in demand for society and the world, eventually monetizing them and making a name for yourself.