The Early Birds Gets The Worm:Do Early Risers More Success?

In 2011 professors conducted a study that found that early morning classes, at least at one college in New York, correlate to higher grades. A direct relationship between later morning classes and higher incidence of alcohol use was also reported.Early Birds

It’s not clear whether early class attendance was the result of tame nights, or whether students already inclined … Read More

Treat Some Customers Is King

“The customer is king.”

This is a statement that is so oft repeated that it sounds like a cliché. Truly, the customer is king – after all, without customers, businesses would not thrive or even exist. Listening to your customers’ complaints and observing them in the way they use your products and services can help your business grow, as you … Read More

If The Customer Is Always Right, Find Out What They Think

The phrase “The customer is always right” has been a popular motto in the business world for over a century. It’s a philosophy that prioritizes the satisfaction of the customer above all else. The idea behind this phrase is that happy customers will continue to do business with a company, which in turn will lead to increased profits and … Read More

When to Apply to College – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

When apply to college, getting your application in early can be an advantage. Each college and university uses a different admissions process when it comes to applications. There is one sure way to get denied, that is if your application is late. Employers, colleges, and universities all frown upon tardiness. It is not a desirable trait and will not … Read More

The Customer Is Always Right

We have all heard the saying “The Customer Is Always Right” and as a buyer we believe that all the time, so why when we sell something does the phrase “The Customer Is Always Right” go out of the window. Now Ok I know this is not the case for all sellers, and as sellers we always try … Read More

Is the Customer Always King?

Good question and one that online businesses address on a daily basis.

I don’t care how customer focused a company claims to be, there are certain customer emails that give pause to this whole “Customer is King” marketing concept and makes you reassess this mantra. The idea that the customer should be the core of all decision making sounds great … Read More